Innovating how you design

We offer expert advice on operational product design management fundamentals – the essentials for any successful project. You can have the most visionary design strategy in the world, yet if you get these basic aspects wrong it can blow your product development off course, waste time and investment, and ultimately result in reduced profits.

Design Briefing

It sounds so simple. Yet design briefs often contain too much or too little information, or conflicting priorities. A brief should communicate your design strategy and incorporate essential goals and constraints, whilst leaving enough room for creativity to breathe. Getting this right is paramount to a successful project outcome. We‘ll show you how.

Design Evaluation

One of the hardest parts of the creative process is decision making – selecting and rejecting designs on a professional basis unaffected by personal taste, and managing design changes and progress. We can provide you with effective processes, tools, and mindsets to make this streamlined and failsafe. We can also undertake and assist with consumer research.

Resource Management

Do you have an in-house design resource? Do you work with one single external agency, or with many different agencies? How is the project structured internally, and who has final say and ownership over the design? The success of your product design lies in the hands of all the people who provide input and make decisions over the course of a project. We provide fresh ways to look at this aspect to ensure things run smoothly.