Designing how you innovate

You need your innovation process to provide winning ideas which can be feasibly developed and launched as an integral part of your overall portfolio.

Some innovations are small technical step-changes to existing products, others will revolutionize existing markets or create totally new ones.

Design and innovation are often bundled together because they are both creative processes. However the way innovation and design are resourced, managed, strategically driven, and their status within a company can be very different. We recognise and respect these differences and respond accordingly to them.

We can help you to:

  • feed your innovation process using social and technology trends, consumer insights, market analysis.
  • generate and lever ideas via creative workshops and other creative events.
  • screen and assess ideas for their overall potential and fit to your business and market.
  • communicate and visualize your innovation needs, encouraging focussed creative input from employees or external resources.
  • manage and refine ideas as they develop.