Giving design and innovation a voice

Do you want to maximise buy-in to ideas and designs within your company?

Do you want clear and constructive communication with your designers?

Do you seek ways to bring consistency across product ranges without volumes of guidelines?

There are many different languages within the world of business. Colleagues responsible for quality, planning, production, leading projects, marketing, and designers themselves all have their own way of looking at and talking about things. This mix of languages can lead to misunderstanding and conflict within project teams, which can have a detrimental effect on the final project outcome.

We can advise you how to …

  • develop appropriate and effective guidelines where you need them, and not where you don‘t
  • effectively communicate design and innovation strategy and to market ideas and designs to target audiences within your company
  • better understand the real meaning of what different business groups say and its impact on design & innovation
  • optimize communication between you and your designers