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Do you want...

  • to be the first to launch the products your competitors wish they had thought of?
  • your products to express everything your brand and business stands for?
  • to motivate your idea generators and designers and help them stay on track?
  • to help your personnel to be design & innovation experts and champions?
  • to visualize your future product portfolio and know how to get there?
  • to effectively communicate design and innovation within your organisation?

DesignPuls can help you...

DesignPuls provides expert and independant consultancy and training in design and innovation management to companies big and small.

Our aim is to improve the way your business or brand leads and manages its creative processes to achieve results which other companies can only dream about.

Our approach is...

practical, effective and people-focused.

We work for research and development, design, and marketing departments - people who need to instigate, guide and manage design and innovation as part of their everyday job.

Many of our clients have no formal education in design or innovation. That‘s why training is a fundamental part of our offer.