Group Training – building understanding and expertise

Who is Group Training for?

Group Training is designed for the following target audiences:

  • groups of design / innovation managers, whether officially trained or not
  • project teams
  • in-house design groups

This training is designed for employees who need to interact with each other to drive design and innovation projects and strategy.

What will I gain?

Group training provides the opportunity for participants to improve their personal understanding and effectiveness in managing design and innovation, whilst tackling the complex needs and issues of a working group.

It will help participants to:

  • realise their unique role in the design and innovation process.
  • better understand the needs of others in the group.
  • resolve conflicts which arise from or affect Design & Innovation.
  • more effectively work together to successfully meet deadlines and goals.

How is it run?

This coaching is run on a group basis in series of 3-hour interactive sessions. They can be run on-site or off-site and training materials are provided.

Group Coaching courses include:

Design Management Skills for Non-designers

Managing Design & Innovation for Brand and Business Success

Communication Skills for Successful Design and Innovation

We are constantly expanding our training offer. If you would like us to send you a pdf description of one of the courses listed here, or have a specific topic that you would like us to cover please get in touch.